Expert opinions

These have to rely on expert knowledge but be neutral in character.
Our extensive expert reports on the propagation of pollutants and pollutant loads will be drawn up in keeping with applicable law in an objective manner. Results are used as a basis for decision-making by authorities in such procedures as environmental compatibility statements and environmental compatibility tests.

As more environmental legislation is passed and you have to meet more requirements, you will need more of the know-how only an expert can provide to solve your problems.

Industry, trade and traffic generate a variety of air pollutants. Expert opinions in the field of environmental meteorology describe the related inputs and serve to assess the effect of these emissions on the environment.

Input analyses and forecasts are drawn up using propagation and/or computational models as follows:

  • Lagrange/Euler/Gauss models
  • Point, surface and line sources
  • Complex terrain, effect of buildings
  • Normal operation, hazardous incident scenarios
  • Maximum and medium concentrations
  • Percentiles, exceeding frequencies
  • Odor propagation
  • Determination of minimum stack height